Early in my career I noticed methods that worked, methods that made little difference and methods that made things worse.

I was alarmed by those counterproductive activities of government agencies and charities that degraded family, society and the social contract.

Problems that were ignored or suppressed more or less went away but slowly over the decades they have reorganised themselves and matured to become either worse or catastrophic.

It would be nice if there were magic wands or simple cure-alls but individuals and situations are unique, so solutions take effort to find and underlying personal and social problems usually have to be resolved to avoid social breakdown.

The principles outlined here have been been sidelined over the past couple of decades by therapeutic formulas that emphasise technique and method over the therapist and the therapeutic relationship which have been shown again and again to be more important.

I am outlining these principles to contribute to keeping them alive just in case someone finds an opportunity to improve therapy or remediate the damage done so far.

I know that these ideas will be misinterpreted in countless ways for countless reasons and I have attempted to minimise the opportunities for misunderstanding.

lifestyle suggestions on the top menus 
Planet wide growth of wealth and technology is enhancing peoples’ capacity to harm themselves.

Over decades as a therapist I have noticed that most problems were a result of a harmful lifestyle that could be resolved by changes in lifestyle - particularly exercise, diet, drug use and sleep.

So I wrote the lifestyle information and suggestions for client’s to consult in case they wanted to speed recovery or eliminate the need for my services.

On the top menus are a sample of ideas and exercises that people have found transforming and helped them enjoy being themselves.

I will add some more comments on society over time.