I became increasingly aware that most of the problems brought to me had their origins in lifestyle habits. Some were difficult to shake off.

limiting lifestyles
Habits are essential. Imagine having to decide every activity and movement from scratch. But some habits can get in our way and even lead to sickness or distress.

Our emotional state and thinking patterns are typically locked into place by our lifestyle and its habits. What we eat and drink, the drugs we take, the way we walk, the way we sit, where we live, what we read, the company we keep, the things we say, our career, posture and sleep. We tend to be attracted to things that perpetuate more of the same.

For example somebody who has been traumatized might find relief in a stressful job and take a tense and defensive approach to life paralyzed by fears. Someone else might find a risk-free isolated job and relieve their depression or anxiety with drugs. Someone who has experienced loss might withdraw and over-eat comfort foods. These relieve feelings arising from problems instead of resolving them and may lead to sickness or distress.

Exploitative relationships perpetuate low self esteem. High stress situations continue the stress of child-hood trauma. Alcohol and coffee consolidate anxiety and depression.

Even a good life may be limiting. It is so easy to repeat mildly satisfying activities without getting to where one really wants to be. Trivia can side-track us from what we really want.

Most of the damage we do to ourselves is unnecessary and avoidable. So on the top menu I share some ideas, exercises and suggestions that have been game changers in my practice. They are introductions to informationĀ on drugs, diet, sleep, work, relationships and emotional well-being.

For example someone incapacitated by feelings of anxiety or depression might not have thought about their poor sleep, fading health and addictions. Reducing or eliminating coffee or alcohol or changing eating habits has been sufficient for many to get enough sleep and vitality back in a matter of days and resolve their problems by themselves.

A lifestyle change can be a circuit breaker for anyone who can move out of a familiar comfort zone and step into the unknown. A small change now can avoid premature, avoidable and irreversible damage to health and well-being. The sooner the change the greater the gain.