Why bother to create complex therapeutic techniques when we already have them built in?

Animals have been on the planet for hundreds of millions of years. Whether we wear clothing, feathers or fur we share similar problems of relationships and intellectual emotional and physical health. And we have evolved to deal with them.
We have evolved to heal ourselves. We are hard-wired to recover from injury.

All our ancestors from the earliest micro organisms survived long enough to reproduce. We inherit their intricate in-built survival mechanisms like calculating the accuracy of information and estimating risk.Human cultures last for hundreds of years at a time and accumulate understanding and knowledge in languages, artifacts and habits. We draw on these whenever we think or speak.

And we are self-organising just like other social animals. Put us together and we find ways to communicate and construct shared stories even if we start with different languages and cultures. We tap these resources every day without even being consciously aware.

trust nature and trust the person
Person Centered Therapy builds on these resources. A few core principles are followed to mobilise the innate abilities of clients and their therapists by fostering awareness.

ncomfortable feelings are warnings to help us survive. Drugs, meditations or affirmations can suppress uncomfortable feelings without fixing their causes. Awareness therapies allow them to be evaluated and responded to.

This method works with the complexity of nature rather than trying to embalm, outwit or ignore it. It lets things grow and happen and watches where that takes us. It builds on personal experience rather than external authorities which may or may not be accurate or helpful.

Trusting nature and perhaps even allowing it be on our side.