Sometimes a small change can be a circuit breaker that opens a window of opportunity for body, mind and feelings to reorganise themselves.

For instance toxic food, stress and antibiotics disrupt the balance between micro-organisms in the gut that aid digestion and interact with the brain and hormonal system. Fermented foods may lift mood and vitality by re-balancing the ecosystem

Exercise improves mood and stimulates the brain and digestion. As digestion improves the body uses nutrients more efficiently. An upward spiral.

A job or volunteer work helps activate the body and help interacting with others. Learning new skills particularly motor skills opens up new areas in the mind where there is a fresh start away from intrusive and limiting memories of the past.

Hobbies and activities are mobilizing

Experiences like music, movement and perfumes by pass the intellect and can open up new pathways.

Relationships and an accepting and supportive community are more important than any other factors. Friends and family help us endure trauma, turmoil and change and give us the confidence and self esteem that is essential for success.

When we focus inwards we connect with ourselves. When we focus outwards we ground ourselves in reality.

The relaxation, awareness exercises and meditations on the mind, body and stress pages show how to experience both and integrate them. They tap into the intelligence of the body and emotions and free us up to discover what we really want and ways to get there.

There are lots of self help websites. Online is not as effective as face to face but there are ideas to work with and actual people can be found somewhere else later.

Entrepreneurs and churches run rituals and programs that encourage clear thinking and letting go of distressing feelings. Some offer cure-alls. Most repackage ideas and procedures that have been freely available for decades or millennia.

Some use group pressure and hysteria to help things along. Most powerfully they create companionship and social support. This can be enough to get over the disabling effects of trauma and disappointment.

Organisations that appoint themselves gatekeepers to heaven or happiness may try to take over your life and nurture you as a source of income and recruits. Somewhere along the line they print their procedures which you can usually borrow from someone who has paid a price for them and work through them somewhere else in peace and quiet out of harm’s way. Their sample videos and free introductory sessions and hand-outs may be enough.