Exciting events can be disorientating.

We sometimes surprise ourselves with an emotional outburst. Fears and misunderstandings can lead to knee­ jerk reactions. They can't take us over so easily after we become aware of them.

This exercise stops emotional reactions escalating out of control and uncovers solutions to problems.

an exercise to do when:

angry or agitated

wanting something that's unavailable

feeling excited and pleased

feeling a loss or fearing a loss

feeling confused and wanting to work something out

to eliminate the misconceptions causing stress and physical or emotional pain.



whenever you feel uncomfortable, ask “what is this?”


note where in the body the sensations are without analysing the reasons for the feeling or blaming anyone


note what the sensation feels like (eg pressure, tension or palpitation)


stay with this feeling until thoughts, feelings and sensations settle.


be open to noticing solutions and possibilities


the four steps to resolution


make an effort

patiently endure


be self-aware

notice one’s reactions, even in the midst of turmoil


clear the senses

step back and observe - be dispassionate, unprejudiced, open minded - uncoloured by preconceptions


surrender - let go

release yourself into a voyage of discovery into the unknown - allow physical and mental activity to come into balance

With practice, instead of reacting to situations you will be able to move comfortably within them. You can step back and do this meditation even in the middle of conflict. Only you will know.