A lucid (intentional dreamer) is aware of dreaming and can decide what to do in a lucid dream. The awareness and meditation exercises on the mind and stress pages can be used to enter a deep trance or to prepare for intentional dreaming.

The following way to enter lucid dreaming first practices recall of dreams and then uses a simple preparatory suggestion.

dream diary

On waking reconstruct dreams and record them. We tend to wake during light dreaming sleep.

dream recall

Imagine re-entering the dream and its feelings and sensations. Lucid dreaming becomes easier as dreams are remembered.


Look at your hands now and then when awake and say to yourself "I'm dreaming." or ask "Am I dreaming?" Repeat this before bed.

lucid dreaming

Remember to look at your hands in the next dream and say “I'm dreaming" Then you can begin to do what you want in the dream.

stay dreaming

Remain conscious, self-aware, calm and breathe slowly so excitement doesn't break up the dreaming.

There are other meditations and physical exercises to enter controlled dreaming from several ancient cultures.

Lucid dreaming is used to recover lost information, resolve inner conflict or explore unconscious ideas. Anyone from the past present or future can be invited into dreams.

The intentional dreamer can choose a dream and allow it to unfold. Or expand any dream into an intentional dream. They can become anyone they want. A nightmare can be brought to a different ending.

Lucid dreaming is similar in some ways to out of the body experience. Some lucid dreamers report lifting out of their physical bodies and consciously exploring their environment.

Some dreamers can return many times to the same dream world with the same location and characters. Some can enter their dream worlds at will while awake.