stress stage



illness risks


stage I





Fight or flight Short-term arousal and mobilisation . Instinctive reaction escape from danger and risk of injury.

Senses heighten and focus Energy to limbs Liver releases extra nutrients. Blood clots easier. Blood pressure, sweating, heart rate and breathing increase. Air passages widen. Front brain, digestion, internal organs slow or stop. Mouth dry, muscles tense, skin cooler. Panting, trembling.

Enhanced speed, power and energy.

Respond to emergency


No risk

Sit quietly and rest.

pleasantly tired afterwards.

stage 2




energisation. Short term planned exertion to achieve challenging goals, meet deadlines.

Energetic, exhilarated. Quickened action. stay awake and alert to finish a job.

No risk


Rest and relaxation as required

stage 3





Long-term planned mobilisation to meet heavy workload, difficult home or social life.

regular and ongoing state of arousal. Fats, sugars and stress hormones stay mobilised for extra energy.

Maintain high pressure lifestyles

High energy and function.

Fatigue and risk to health if continuous

Regular relaxation and exercise in a stress free environment essential

to maintain lifestyle pace

stage 4





Long term necessity. - Extreme arousal is necessary to meet daily demands.

Steroids put out to keep system going. System stretched to full capacity.

Addiction to comfort activities. Irritability. Over- reaction to trifles. Tiredness not relieved by sleep. Sense of failure.

Anxiety, Depression, Alcoholism, Drug addiction, stomach upsets.

Aerobic activity and stress free relaxation essential to reduce arousal and tension to avoid breakdown

stage 5





Stress and illness - Unable to meet obligations.

The exhaustion of physical capacity. No further reserves. Breakdown of an important function. The weakest link in the chain breaks.

Sleep, memory, concentration physical performance deteriorate. Personality changes. Exhaustion. Burnout.

Hypertension. Cardiac incidents. Physical or Mental Breakdown.

Need complete rest or holiday or else illness, hospitalisation, death, loss of job or partner will force a lifestyle change.

stage 6





Recovery. - Senses detect that there is no danger. So relaxation begins.

Blood pressure, brain wave rate, stress hormones, sweating, and heart rate slow. Muscles relax. Internal organs reactivate.

Able to realistically assess situations and respond in an effective and efficient way.