exercise triggers relaxed breathing which paves the way for the body to relax

  • sit on an armless chair.

  • breathe in deeply from the diaphragm 10 times

  • breathe out forcefully, deflating like a balloon

  • flop forward at the head and neck

  • gradually flop forward more and more with each out breath letting the shoulders and arms fall further and further forward until you hang limply from the waist like a rag doll.

  • hang there for a minute or two and then come up very slowly.

  • rest your head back on the chair and breathe slowly, gently and easily with your hands resting limply and lightly on your lap.

  • sit like this relaxed and still for a while - four minutes will reduce pulse and blood pressure.

Take a deep breath when ready to be alert and engage the world, free from tension.

When rag doll is perfected just the memory of it can be used to relax instantly.